Mediation Course

Accredited Diploma in Mediation Course

The 10 Mediation Course Modules

1. What is Mediation?

What do we mean by a win/win situation?
Benefits for families
Resolving conflict at work
Restorative Justice
Mediation in the community
Classroom Mediation

2.Skills of a Mediator

How to build relationships
Establishing rapport
Understanding body language
Positive spoken language
How to negotiate

3. The Mediation Process

How Mediation works
Developing a framework
Face to face mediation
Shuttle mediation
Joint mediation

4. Family Mediation

Keeping children central in negotiations
Speaking in age appropriate language
Access and financial arrangements
Giving children a voice
Case study
How to find work as a family mediator

5.Victim/Offender Mediation

How victims benefit
How offenders benefit
Effect on crime
Staying safe
Case study
How to find work as a victim/offender mediator

6.Community Mediation

Living in fear
Effects of conflict on neighbours
Resolving conflicts in the community
Working with other Professionals
Case study
Finding work as a community mediator

7. Workplace Mediation

Stress in the workplace
Effects of conflict on businesses
Effects of conflicts on staff
Resolving issues in the workplace
Case study
Finding work as a workplace mediator

8. Mediation in Education

Mediation in the classroom
Empowering children
Learning to negotiate
Reducing bullying
Case study
Finding work as a peer mediator

9. Finding work in mediation

Paid employment
Using mediation in your current work
Voluntary work
Self employment: your own mediation practice

10. Setting up your practice

A place to work
The mediator's equipment
Setting up your business on a small budget
Putting together a business plan

11. Promoting your service. Finding clients

Marketing your business
Your website
Getting referrals from existing clients

12. Finance

Keeping the books
Paying tax
Indemnity insurance
How to keep financial records in four easy steps

13. Post course activity

Your next steps
Into the future